A car is one of the greatest assets that an individual can have in possession. It has become a vital machine of great help in the life of humans. Having your car serviced at regular intervals will Improve its operational capability and prevent the abrupt breakdowns likely to be experienced.


Why car service?

In addition to bills and various costs that are incurred daily, a car owner should avoid costs on frequent repairs. This is important in maintaining the proper operation of the car and overall functioning. Having the car maintained and serviced regularly results in an enjoyable and smooth ride with no frustrations. As a result, budget on repairs is kept at Bay.


It is good to adhere to the warranty instructions concerning servicing of the car.  It is usually stated that the car should be serviced after a given period or after covering some given number of miles.


If a new car is bought,  it is important to adhere to the advice of the manufacturers.  This will help in keeping the car in good shape.  Some manufacturers often offer free servicing within a few months following the purchase of the car. You, therefore, won’t have to worry about servicing costs until the stated months of free servicing have elapsed.


Some maintenance procedures, however, can be carried out by the car owner, for example,  renewal of the washer fluid for the screen, checks on brake fluid, inspection of the oil level and replacement if necessary, checks on the cooling fluid or water (for cars that use water as a coolant).


You Should get your car checked when you hear a sound that is not usual or happens to notice any abnormality. However, in-depth checks are conducted at car service centres.  You may also opt to have mechanics from the service centre examine your car from your home.

Notable parts that are usually checked but not limited to include:

  1. Lamps/Lights
  2. Wipers
  3. Spark plugs
  4. Tyre treads
  5. Air cleaner


When looking out for a suitable car service centre,  the following aspects are worth considering.

  1. Do the servicemen look professional?
  2. What are the services that are offered in the centre?
  3. Does the centre offer discounts?
  4. Are the Mechanics experienced?
  5. What are the after-sale services?


Benefits of car  servicing

  1. Having your car serviced regularly helps you in saving the large amount of money that could be otherwise spent in repairs.
  2. Regular servicing helps in lowering the cost of operation of your car. A car in good condition is likely to use little resources required for its operation.
  3. Another important benefit is to prevent damages that may come about as a result of null servicing. Damages force the car owner to set an extra budget for repairs which could otherwise be avoided. You surely will want to have the life span of your car lengthened.
  4. Frequent servicing helps deter occasional problems during travel. This may include minor breakdown, tire deflation, etc. Such problems are solvable if servicing is consistent.
  5. Frequent servicing helps in maintaining the car value. You may wish to sell the car at some point, and having its value intact increases the bargaining power for it.


For the safety of your car,  only allow professionals that are qualified to examine it. For expert assessment and advice, choose Brendale car servicing at Stopmasters.