If your car is giving you a little bit of trouble it is time that you send it to a mechanic for a car service. However most of us have no idea regarding the inside mechanics of the car. It is better to rely on an experienced professional for car servicing so that you can avoid problems in the long run. Most service centers have a specific target to meet and profits to make sometimes they just service your car without taking a look at the inner parts. The following are some of the things you need to know before you send your car for a service.

Things to take care of before car service

Before you send your car to the mechanic it is important that you prepare a job sheet. This will help point out all the faults which needs to be taken care of. Before you send your car for service you need to check it thoroughly on your own and verify all the problems. Make sure to record these problems.

You must also be careful and remove all documents for example the car insurance or the license out of your glove box. Make sure to keep the service record manual even if you are going for a paid service. Remove the toolkit and any other personal belonging like your luggage or accessories from the boot area. The detachable units like the CD player and the USB should be removed as well.

You must also ensure that the fuel level is no more than 40% when giving your car for service. This is usually done to prevent the misuse of the fuel also make sure that you note down the odometer reading before reaching the service center and recording it in the invoice. This would allow you to know whether the car was even more than necessary during the service period.

You would also need to assess the tires of the car before handing it over. If your tires are worn out then you must be extra careful. If you’re getting rotation and alignment services than as well you should mark the tires to know that whether they actually been rotated. do not  forget to ask for the alignment report. You should also take note of the trade of your spare tire. If the tires have been infused with nitrogen it is best to inform the service manager about it before hand.

Make sure to take your car out for a road test to see if you have been able to identify any major issue with the car. If possible you can do a test drive with the service advisor so that they are able to comprehend the issue as well. Most of the time it’s the smaller issues which can aggravate the problem and could result in costly repairs if not attended to immediately.

 Do keep these things in mind before sending your car for a service.