Using a GPS fleet tracking system lets you ride along virtually with your fleet. Keeping an eye on your drivers out on the road or monitoring your vehicles wherever you are become possible using GPS fleet tracking system.

Businesses using the GPS fleet tracking system are assured that the drivers are being responsible and safe. The efficient operating of vehicles is also ensured with the help from the GPS fleet tracking system.

GPS fleet tracking Hardware and Software system

Both hardware and software systems are included in any GPS fleet tracking device.

The selected plan suitable for the requirements of your vehicles determines the kind of hardware to go for. There are services offering card-size devices that you can easily plug and play. The OBD II of your vehicles is directly plugged with this type of device.

Some models require more complex installations. Using these types of GPS hardware involves hooking the vehicles’ information centres to different sensors.

Both types of hardware can be installed on your own. Another option is to have the hardware installed by the company you bought it from.

Installing the GPS or global positioning system keeps track of your vehicles. The software platform receives the information, providing you a data centre hub for all your vehicles. The data received by the software operator provides real-time alerts and updates of the vehicles.

Benefits provided by the GPS fleet tracking software system

There are numerous benefits provided by the GPS fleet tracking software system, to include:

  • The GPS fleet tracking software works like a regular GPS system. It is capable of providing directions to appointed destinations, locate vehicles, and set up routes.
  • The software provides other crucial tracking information such as safe driving behaviours, vehicle diagnostics, and vehicle maintenance. The sensors and accelerometers in most hardware devices can document driver behaviours such as speed accelerations and hard braking.
  • There are some other GPS services that go the extra mile by documenting hard cornering and turning.
  • Tracking idle time result in fuel efficiency
  • Excellent vehicle workflow with the scheduling capabilities and dispatching tools features
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction as a result of the efficient fleet management
  • Attendance tracking information
  • Anti-theft service
  • Accident tracking
  • Time clocks
  • Roadside assistance

Choosing the right GPS fleet tracking software

The features suitable for your business hold the key to choosing the right GPS fleet tracking software. Most standard offerings from fleet management systems include:

  • Trending on-key metrics on dashboards
  • Excellent customer service
  • Fuel cards integration
  • Options for navigation and communication
  • Driver safety tracking

The key capabilities you should look out for include:

  • Good customer service that you can get in touch with by live chat and phone any time of the day and anytime you need help
  • A simpler dashboard device that does not require high-tech knowledge to operate
  • Text or email notifications alerting you to unsafe driver habits or when something is wrong with your vehicle

The type of driver information and the number of vehicles to track are the details you need to keep in mind when you are on the market for the latest GPS fleet tracking system.