Most of us know how to furnish our houses pretty well, we can choose colors, textures and styles according to themes and the purpose of each room. Being particular with our choices we are able to creative a living space we feel comfortable and cozy in if that is the purpose being fulfilled or modern and stylish if that is your aim instead. Indoor house styling and furnishing comes relatively easy to us but another area where furniture is used but not given much thought is outdoor street furniture.

Depending on the local area a huge number of factors come into play determining the type of outdoor street furniture and its allowance in a public area. Some areas are regulated strictly by the local park authority, street authority and government which means that the outdoor street furniture will need to permitted by such authorities before it can be displayed outside. Other areas include café shops or restaurants that have an outdoor seating area that extends typically onto a sidewalk, in such an instance the restaurant or café owner has a permit that allows them to furnish that part of the sidewalk according to their own theme or liking and this influences a different style of outdoor furniture as it’s purpose is different than the others.

At home we look into more relatable factors influencing our furniture purchasing decisions mainly such as style and comfort, outdoor furniture however, has many more factors that come into play. The first factor that we have vaguely discussed is based on the allowance by respective authorities of the public area. They could ban certain materials that should not be in the outdoor street furniture, they may restrict styles to create uniformity and be more aesthetic to the entire street rather than just one part of it and they may also limit colors for the same reason. A rounded off design without sharp edges and corners is safer for public use and friendly for children and families and so outdoor street furniture usually conforms to these suggestions. Materials being used need to be able to withstand both hot and cold temperatures, direct sunlight, moisture and rain, unpredictable weather conditions and at the same time be non-toxic and eco-friendly. Once these major mandatory requirements are fulfilled there is some leeway in their designs.

Broadly speaking outdoor street furniture includes a variety of types of furniture such as planters, benches and outdoor seating, public trashcans, bike stands, phone booths, advertisements, porches, panels, notice boards and many others. When figuring out what kind is to be used, it also needs to be planned out where each item goes. A trashcan for example should come into view easily and should be accessible with one repeating after every few meters so that there is no excuse to litter. A bench should be facing either a sidewalk if it is not associated with a bus stop or should be in a wide view range in a park or beach so that it is being the most beneficial when used.

It may seem easy but a lot of time and thought is given into planning outdoor street furniture and it’s location so that it gives an overall aesthetically pleasing look to the public and is convenient to use for all. Order street furniture in Australia to beautify your outdoor spaces.